Monday, 28 May 2012

It's geek time! Yeahy! i'm bored so i thought i would shear some of the web comics i waist most of my time reading. 
CLINT EASTWOOD JUST TOOK OFF HIS SHIRT! but i digress, here are some of my favourite wed comics...

Chester 5000 xyz By Jess fink, (nsfw) 
Jess fink is an artist i found while reading a book on the history of Erotic comics. i like her drawings so i looked her up. her work is mostly erotic, i don't know if that says sorting about her or me but it's good. She uses sweeping lines and almost patchy ink, that adds to the charm of her drawings for chester 5000 xyz she only uses pink and black which again added to the charm of the comic. The comic uses no speech, there are speech bubble but no dialog, it's almost like a salient film. 
The story
Basically a scientist is overwhelmed by his new wife's labido that he builds her a sex robot to keep her busy while he works. But soon jealousy sets in... 

Bite Me! By Dylan Meconis, (sfw) 
I can't remember how i found this or the artist it's just one of those things that happens but i'm glad i did. 
Bit Me! was written and drawn during high school (that's secondary school to us i'm guessing) and it looks it, it's all drawn in pen and pencil, but it's still compelling to read. the selling point being the Charters  and the writing. 
The story. 
if you haven't guessed it's about Vampier's in france during the revolution. All but two Vamipers have been captured by revautionaist and it's up to the free pair to save them, with the help of a german werwolf and a newly vamped Barmaid with a very erratic personality. this is one of those things that just sends me in to giggles.   

The Meek By D Helmer  (sfw) 

Started reading this after find a link on another wed comic and fell in love with the drawing style which is New-but some how familiar... 
shit nearly dropped Jeffery, it's cool caught it in time don't panic. 
i really do find the drawings compelling especially the people and faces maybe it's the way D (i don't know if D Helmer is a boy or girl) draws the noses with that little bit of shading on the top. I do like the shading and the colouring which is all done in photoshop even the lines! `D uses a tablet which is how they can get the different stroke width on Photo shop. this wed comic has not been updated for a long time. i read something that the writer wrote about not updated because of health issues. I think they might be dead, i hope not. 
the story. 
it all takes place in a make up world that has it's own history and geography which is too complicated to go in to now, but each chapter so far has revolved around a different charter and how they interact with the world around them (my foveate chapter so far is chapter 2)  but it feels that the storeys will eventually interconnect, if they comic is continued. 

Dar! By Erika Moen (i'm not sure... i think it's sfw) 
Again it's a link i found, and it basically dose what it says on the tin, it's the Diary of an comic writer over her years at Collage and beyond. Nothing partially inspiring about the art here, at least not for me, it's charming and nice to look at but not inspiring. But this comic is a wonderful mix of serious and every day silly, it tackles every thing from depression, sexuality, death of fiends, to Farting, picking noses and sex jokes. 
this comic just sends me in to fits i can't help laughing, but i can also relate to some issues and it's a good insist on to the life of someone else in the design industry. also interesting Dylin Meconis pops up a few times, i'm guessing where they live is a comic writers hub.  

Family Man By Dylin Meconis (sfw) 
Dylin Meconis has found her voice in this comic her drowning style has levelled out and it looks good. she uses slightly greeny-grey tones and no other colours which really suites the story. 
the story
the story revolves around a 17th century german scholar, but to be hounist the story is dragging a little but i really want to know what happens. 

Two Guys and Guy by Rickard Jonasson (sfw)
A very resonate discovery and i didn't take to it at first, but after a few strips i started to enjoy it. 
side note, my house is being taken over by giant spiders! i just saw one scurry across the floor and the bastard was the size of a hamster! i'm serious! and we have pattend carpets! you don't see the fuckers utill it's too late! anyway... 
The comic has this very angular look about it and her these subtle textures, but apart form that the art isn't that inspiring. it's the story that kept me interested. 
the story, 
it has no ongoing story line, it's a "joke a day" strip. Again it makes me giggle, i love frank (who is featured in the strip i included) i have this thing about emotionless, monosyllabic charters,  Silent Bob (found in most Kevin Smith movies) being my favourite.  

Frankenstine Superstar by John Hazard (nsfw) 
not much really to say about this comic, I do love the art with the extra curvy girls (which is always nice) and the blue and grey colours but apart from that it's just a nicely drawn and written comic. it combines my love of monsters with comedy.  
The story, 
The story follows frankenstine as he struggles to adapt to modern life.  

Ruth & Annabel ruin everything by Chelsea McAlarney (sfw)  
Again i don't have much to say about this comic i just love the art. 
the story 
the story follows Ruth and Annabel two secondary school girls. 

Thats enough for now... more later. you have been warned! 

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