Tuesday, 5 June 2012

MORE WEB COMICS (the last ones i swear)

Hanna is not a Boy's name! By Tessa Stone (sfw) http://hanna.aftertorque.com/

A very good looking comic but Another one where the writer has seemed to disappeared off the face of the earth. But up until she was adducted by aliens Hanna is not a boy's name was shaping up to be a funny and interesting comic. I love that art in it, this girl went made with photoshop i think but it works it makes the comic eye catching and she uses this nice size for the pages (no scowling which is nice). she also plays with type a lot to show emotion and action. i love the personalities in this there is a vast contrast between Hanna, who is hyperactive and enfuseastic and his side kick (who has no name) who is emotionless.  
the story
it's all about Hanna a paranormal investigator and his zombi partner as they fight an evil vampier.

Lackadaisy by  Tracy J Butler. lackadaisycats.com (sfw)

what first hooked me on to this comic was that fact that... well it's cats dressed in 1920's clothing a combination of two of my favourite things... But once i over the fact they are cats I started to enjoy it as a Comic, it's all drawn in these brown-gray tones (there is a name for those tones i think... but i can't spell it). The Facial expectations  in this comic are wonderful, she really has harnessed the grate power of the eyebrows! also what is nice about this comic is the extras, she includes historical facts about the era the comic is based and lots and lots of technical extras, like step-by-step guides to laying out pages. 
the story. 
It follows the employees of a failing speakeasy, and their struggle to keep their busyness afloat against competitors with guns. Rocky the one driving in the example, is one of my favourite fictional charters just the right combination of  crazy and child like enfusiasum. 

 Oglaf (don't know who writes this I'm assuming it's a man because of the number of nob jokes) http://oglaf.com (nsfw)  

I think the theme here is comics which make me laugh, and i think this is my favourite. it's simple and childish,  and stupid. lots and lot's of sex and jokes... mostly sex jokes, i think it was originally meant to me a porn comic but the creator gave in to comedy/fantasy but kept the porny aspect hence the NSFW. the example I chose is safe and on the archive page the strips are helpfully labeled by their safeness. the style of drawing is familiar and obviously coloured in photoshop, i think the shadowing is impressive though. 
the story. 
It is a combination of one off jokes and a continues story line with charters that pop up now and again and octagonal meet. it starts with an apprentice discovering his master has cast a spell on his sperm to stop him master-bating... this kind of sets the tone for the rest of the comic. 

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